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Al-Shabab Attacks Kenyan Military Base Used By U.S Troops

The Somalia-based militant group, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the dawn attack on on Camp Simba in Lamu county, Kenya.

Pompeo: Trump 'Doesn't Want War' in Iran, U.S. Doesn't Commit War Crimes

The secretary of state dismissed criticism that Donald Trump is threatening Iran with "war crimes," saying the president is a "reluctant participant" and doesn't want war with the Islamic Republic.

Sanders Enters 2020 With Strong Lead in New Hampshire, 3-Way Tie in Iowa

Liberal voters in New Hampshire have been gravitating away from Warren for Sanders since November, when she was leading the field with 31 percent.

New Zealand Sky Turns Orange As Smoke Spreads From Australia Bushfires

Smoke from the devastating Australia bushfires left the sky in New Zealand orange today, and it was labeled "apocalyptic" and "very unnerving" by some residents who shared images on social media.

Kaepernick Slams U.S. Killing of Soleimani, and Conservatives Respond

After the former NFL QB said that the U.S. strike was indicative of America's hostility to brown and black people, some conservative pundits and authors rebutted him.

Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike Leaves Five People Dead, 60 Injured

The injured were transported to three hospitals in the area, according to a spokesperson for the turnpike.

Head of Major Technology Expo Addresses Ivanka Trump Invite Controversy

Gary Shapiro said that Ivanka Trump was indeed qualified to speak on the technology industry's impact on the job market at the upcoming CES technology exposition.

Saints Lose Playoff Game on Final Play For Third Straight Year

NBC analysts and members of the ESPN NFL crew all agreed the play should have been reviewed, and that a pass interference should have been called to negate a Vikings touchdown Sunday.
Culture & Travel
Every country has its own traditions and take on self-care. In Finland, it involves steamy saunas and icy dips; in Tibet, sound vibrations are believed to heal and harmonize the body; and in the United States, floating in darkened soundproof pods to chill out is enjoying a renaissance.
An oasis of peace in a turbulent part of the world filled with biblical history and dramatic desert wonders, Jordan is about as otherworldly as you can get here on Earth.
From natural disasters to plane crashes to the unfortunate deaths of famous travelers, the last decade of travel has not always been about progress. But there were still some positive things—namely, technological improvements.
From Brazilian martial-arts dancing to Turkish twirling meditation, the world moves in mysterious ways. Take a whirl around the globe to see some of the most iconic dance moves.
Horizons Culture
Mathematician Kit Yates on Anti Vaxxer Movement and Air Travel Germs
Downtime Culture
Global Wellness Rituals to Try This Year
Downtime Culture
Cynthia Erivo On Embodying the Spirit of Harriet Tubman
Battle Cry
In Focus
Battle Creek

Inside the Last Bohemian Apartments of the Storied Hotel Chelsea


A Look at Every Starbucks Winter Holiday Cup By Year from 1997 to 2019


What Starbucks Christmas Holiday Drinks Are Available This Year?


Meet the Master Carver Who Turns Pumpkins Into Portraits


Our Cosplay Favorites from NYCC 2019


Great White Shark Attacks and Kills Diver, Rescue Team 7073彩票官网ing for Body

Retaliation Will Not Take Long, Russian Senator Warns After Airstrike


Federal Minimum Wage Has Not Changed in a Decade; 21 States Still Use It

Stamp Price Increases 2020: USPS Stamp, Mail Rates Going Up in January?

Tech & Science

Climate Change Study Found Evidence of Global Warming Every Day Since 2012

Greta Thunberg Turns 17: A Look Back at Her Year


Tom Hanks to Be Honored With Cecil B. DeMille Award at 2020 7073彩票官网en Globes

'America's Got Talent The Champions' Lineup: Who is Competing This Year?


Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles: NFC Wild-Card round Preview

NFC Wild-Card round Preview: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints


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